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RIP Michael Jackson

There is still so much more I want to say about Michael Jackson. I can't seem to get on with my new blog without centering it around the King of Pop and what I have discovered about Michael Jackson in the past few days since his death.
Most everyone agrees he was a talented wonderful person with a big heart. He did much for people in his personal circle of friends and in big ways for humanitarian projects having a generous spirit...He has been in the past compared to Michealangelo or Einstein as a genius and they were also a little odd in their behavior or appearance to people....But...why question genius ?
"To be great is to be misunderstood" Emerson
So, I decided to continue to tribute and honor him. I can't get his legacy out of my mind and the media reminds us of it. He incredibly touched so many peoples lives in such a good way. It's amazing....I know how he touched my life and how his music has been a part of my life. The following are words from friends of Michael Jackson...
It is not always a ritual but I did go to church this morning and a woman in front of me seemed a littl strange. She kept staring at us...I was with my friend Diane and her daughter Sophia. After communion she called me to write a petition for hr in a book by the Sacred Heart statue of Jesus. She recited and asked tht I write:
"Dear God,
Please be sure my good Michael Jackson is bounded to you and that he is in heaven with you also
Prayer from Lucy"
I sat back down and then...Chula moved in the carrier and the man behind us who was in contemplative prayer jumped up almost through the ceiling...he said he thought it was a snake when the bag jumped...I showed him Chula through the bags mesh facing the other direction. He smiled and his eyes calmed. He looked like he was from Haiti or Jamaica with his accent and dark skin....
Today was the 9th Annual BET Awards and the entire show was dedicated to him, the entire show was in his honor. now keep in mind this show was planned prior to his death and after he passed away they reformatted the show in 3 days. How incredible is that ? See the words of the BET Networks CEO at the Awards Show tonight.
CEO of BET Networks Debra Lee stated :
"When we heard the news of Michael Jackson's passing on Thursday we knew immediately we were going to have to change the nature of this show. So since Thursday there have been 100's of BET employees working around the clock to put this show together who truly worked their hearts out. We wanted to do the perfect tribute to Michael Jackson..and I want to thank everyone who made this possible tonight.
It has truly been a Labor of love for us because Michael Jackson was so important to our world, to our country and to our network.
So what can I say about a man who not only meant so much to us but to the entire world....
Michael Jackson is a global icon leaving behind an undeniable legacy and an indelible imprint on all who loved him.
He was often imitated but never duplicated.
Michael was a musical deity with the gift of bringing people together.
Yet like a comet blazing across the evening sky he shined brightly and was gone too soon. Michael helped so many people that he's in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most charitable pop star in world history.
He approached his humanitarian work with the same energy that he brought to the stage inspiring other artists to be involved in somthing bigger than themselves."
Celebrity Tributes for Michael Jackson on Larry King.
Larry King had a variety of celebrities talking to him about Michael Jackson...and will continue to do this all week. EVERYONE LOVED HIM !!!
The following friends are some of the people who called in on Larry King and discussed Michael Jackson.
"I am taking the news very hard and I'm shocked like the rest of the world. It it is not sinking in right now and I'm overwhelmed by this tragedy. Michael Jackson has always been an idol for me all of my life and I looked up to him. I was privilaged to be on the same record company as him. He was so kind to me and gave me an autographed hat many years ago and it always had an amazing meaning to me. We sang together back then. He also came to see my show in Vegas. He came backstage and had so many questions and wanted to learn so much from me yet she had so much to ask him and she was so honored and amazed to have him in her dressing room. She announced him during her show and the entire stadium went crazy...It is such a loss...his death...It feels liike when Kennedy or Elvis died. He was not only an amazingly talented person, he was unique and a genius..I grew up with Michael Jackson's music and am rediscovering him again through my 8 year old son who is discovering him for the first time now with all of the media this week....He will never die....Michael Jackson will never die..."
~ Celine Dion
"I found out he died right before I had to go out and do a show..and it impacted me so heavily in my show...It just broke my heart. What troubles me the most is people jumping on the wrong things about Michael. I think now is a time to celebrate his life. I had a photography book I was working on and asked him to come over for pictures and I promised it wouldn't take more than 15 minutes. He staying for 8 hours...He was just such a special guy...You don't meet guys with that level of success that would take the time to sit around and talk and are really able to communicate on a different level."
~ Kenny Rogers
"I'm as sad as everyone else and I tell you it's probably one of the biggest shocks in my lifetime. He is the best entertainer ever. This guy lit up a stage like no one else. when your miles above everyon else as a performer I think he was one song away from a big huge comeback. Musicwise Michael Jackson changed the face of music forever. He also broadened the base of music bringing theatrics into music and merged different styles of music together... there was pop, rock, soul, broadway theatre, it was a melange of every kind of musical genre. And then videowise he completely changed the game, the videos were completely monumental...they were great pieces of work. People will look back on this for a long time. This is legendary status, this is not just pop star status. He transcended eveything, he was colorless, he was extremely talented, he inspired so many people. Everyone I run into is so sad, I hven't seen so many people effected by something like this in a really long time. This comeback show was going to elongate his career and remind people that he was a true icon and a legend. I got reports a few days before his death that he and the band were sounding great and all was going well. We lost a great one but no one can ever compare to him. He inspired everyone !"
~ Randy Jackson Judge of American Idol
"It hit me in the heart. It can't be. He is the Mohammad Ali of the entertainment world. We all tried to copy him. I never got to meet him but I feel like I knew him. I feel like I knew his heart. I would have loved to work with him..... I come from a musical family and we all loved him...Everyone did !"
~ Aaron Neville of the Neville Brothers
"It's an incredible shock to me. I've known Michael over the years and we did many things together over the years and I know his family. I will miss Michael. I'm sure the world will miss Michael. We are all in a state of greif right now. His greatness was perfection...when you meet people like that who will only do things at the utmost highest level, it makes you up your game. He upped the standard. I will personally miss him. I will miss his light.
~ Donna Summer
"My heart is hurting...its hard to explain in words...When I first heard the news.. I was just in shock. And watching TV and all of the old videos...This man was the greatest recording artist of our time. This man through his music actually made a change in the world. He was the only artist people know about from every country in the world even though his music is in English, everyone knew the words. Its sad to hear him accused of things that weren't proven. He made me believe in magic, he made me visualize the music, he made me want to make music. Its important that all of his friends call in so people can see how much we loved him "
~ Sean"Diddy" Combs
"I felt so shocked about his death...He will be totally missed. I did the "Bad" tour with him in 1988 & 1989 and I feel greatful to have had the opportunity to work with him and watch him do a show every night for the 2 years of time that we did those shows together. He was absolutely and undenyably the greatest performer of all times for my generation and other generations. Every night was an amazing show. He knew what set him apart and had huge crowds in the palm of his hand every night. He had a different take on life. He was a child at heart. I never could imagine him as an older person or growing old. He would rent out amusement parks for the band to go on the rides all night. He was famous his whole life so he lived a bit of a sheltered life. He was a prankster and all around fun. But when it came to the show he was extremely professional"
~ Sheryl Crow
I also am quoting Victor Hugo this week ansd the folowing are the quotes I had on Facebook and Twitter this morning. :
Morning with Victor Hugo week :
"To love beauty is to see light" ~ Victor Hugo

"To love another person is to see the face of God" ~ Victor Hugo

"He who opens a school door, closes a prison" ~ Victor Hugo

"Many great actions are committed in small struggles" ~ Victor Hugo

"There is nothing like a dream to create the future" ~ Victor Hugo

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