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Where There Is Love, I'll Be There......

Where there is Love I’ll Be There
Just call my name and I’ll be There
2x #1 hit soul song written by Berry Gordy from Soul Train
#1 hit 1970 Jackson 5
#1 hit 1992 Mariah Carey
The BET Awards yesterday, Sunday 6.28.2009 ended with this song and there was not a dry eye in the house...everyone was moved. There was truly evidence of Michael Jackson's magic from above...The BET Awards were great and the tributes to him were incomparable and to think how this show turned around in a matter of a few days to change the format to honor him since he had just died last Thursday, 3 days prior....BET did it...Good thing the MC, Jamie Fox who did an excellent job is gifted at improvisation, not much time for memorization. But the show was done from the heart with love and you could see in the eyes of the performers, how much all of these artists were inspired and influenced by Michael Jackson ( 1958-2009 RIP )
The final song of the show was after the surprise arrival of Janet who was elected to talk on behalf of Michael to represent the entire Jackson family. She said :
"My entire family wanted to be here tonight but it was just too painful.
So they elected me to speak with all of you.
I’m going to keep this short but would like to say that…
To you Michael is an icon.
To us Michael is family.
And He will forever live in all of our hearts.
On behalf of my family and myself,
Thank you for all of your love.
Thank you for all of your support.
We miss him so much…"
statement from Janet Jackson
Did you notice she never spoke about him in the past tense. She spoke about him in the present tense...He truly does live in their hearts ...he truly does live in our hearts...he truly lives in my heart. Here it is almost a week after he passed away and I'm reminded of him everywhere. The joy he radiated when he electrified any stage is what we all remember now clearly fading the eccentricities of his later years that diminished his glory.
So for now, I simply Can't Get Michael Jackson Out Of My Head so I will continue to write about this point I'm also sorry that this tribute wasn't done while he was alive to see him teary eyed in the audience...and that all of this recognition and glory came in his death. Everyone at BET said lets celebrate him now because the media is going to be bringing up all kinds of trash in the next few can only imagine at this point...Let's honor the King of Pop.
I think his sudden death reminded, reawakened, resurrected and revived the reality of his greatness... in all of us...Even Jamie Fox who was the MC at the BET awards said that after his death all he could see were all of the videos online and TV. These were videos we hadn't seen for decades...yet with just a glimpse, all of those memories came back and how much Michael Jackson's music was a part of our lives....its as if his death in just a few days became a sort of resurrection re-sparking our memories...And many have said it is a shame that he can't be here to see how millions of people have been touched alike with tributes and shrines all over the world in his name from Hollywood to Poland, Japan to Detroit, from the Apollo in NYC to Gary, Indiana...Amazing....

Deepak Chopra who was a person friend of Michael Jackson's said :
"The main thing is that Michael was a lovable character...He was a compassionate, caring beautiful person and an extraordinary dancer, musician and entertainer of all times. He had the ability to put you in an ecstatic state. I love Michael " He also said " the first time I saw Michael dance was at "Neverland". It was magical. He was great with kids because he never had a childhood himself."
He had a way of blurring distinction between black & white; adult & child; old & young; gay & straight; mail & female. Everyone could relate to him making him the biggest entertainer of our time globally.
He was recognized as a cultural icon starting as a child in the 60's. Some of his many acheivements and awards and world records were 13 grammy's and 13 #1 hit singles. He grew to become the #1 artist of all time. He sold 750 million records and was inducted ino the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice.
He was in the Guiness Book of World Records for the Harry Chapin humanitarian award. He was also in for
Youngest vocalist to top the US singles chart, (aged 11, fronting The Jackson 5)
First vocalist to enter the US single chart at No.1 ("You Are Not Alone")
Most weeks at the top of the US album charts (non-soundtrack) (37 weeks for Thriller);
Most successful music video (Thriller sold over 1 million units)
First entertainer to earn more than $100 million in a year
Highest paid entertainer of all time ($125 million in 1989 Forbes list).
His ultimate and latest accolade was also presented to him: Most successful entertainer
of all time.
Thriller sold more copies that any other album and continued to sell over 130,000 copies estimated a year since then..increasing those quantities now with his death. Thriller has sold over 100 million copies as of 2009, more than any album ever. Michael Jackson at that time in 1982 was already considered "the late twentieth century pre-eminent pop icon". Much was written about him, The New York Times said in their opinion that he was a "musical phenomenon", and that "in the world of pop music, there is Michael Jackson and there is everybody else". What a lifetime of acheivements at such a young adult in his 20's.
Thing's did take a turn for the worst in his later years as the uglyness that comes along with any Icon and all of the tabloid exploitation. His multiple facial surgeries made matters worse. It is always most difficult to stay on the top but with this new tour about to kick off in London in July 2009 called "This Is It ". Everyone around him believed this was his comeback tour to make him the Global figure once again...instead his death has brough global recognition....this is the saddest part.
Michael Jackson's choregrapher and friend, Kenny Ortega for 25 years, had been rehersing with him 6 days a week since April for the upcoming show and said "I was with him the night before he died. Michael was in perfect shape like it was 25 years ago. It was awesome to watch him & was not like watching a 50 yr. old man returning to the stage. He was the same incredible, timeless, ageless, electrifying performer. He had the same performer know how. He is the entertainer of entertainers. He invested 100% in every aspect of the show from lining up shot sequences to helping with the dancers and singers."
Lou Ferrigno who won Mr. Universe 2x and also was the incredible Hulk was also a lifetime friend of Michael Jackson. He said " Over the years I have also trained Michael. I was shocked and devastated when I heard of his death. It's like a dream.We were very close friends. He was not frail and never complained of chest pains over the years. Michael required more flexible stetching type of training popular for dancers. Michael felt safe with me and trusted me. His recent training session he was alert and didn't complain about pain. He was always concerned with diet and fitness. He is as healthy as he was 20 yrs ago. He was my friend and a real genuine guy..a regular guy when we were hanging out together. I was convinced he was going to make the biggest comeback in history."
John Landis was living in London and directing "American Wearwolf in London". He said "Michael was in London and called me in 1982. He wanted me to turn him into a monster and then the Thriller video was born..It had already been a hit album for the past year. They created a theatrical short. Michael was a hard-working disciplined fun guy who was extremely professional. He had the most amazing friends visit him on the set while they were filming. To name a few were Marlon Brando, Lillian Disney, Fred Astaire and Jackie Kennedy. It was unbelievable. Everyone who worked with him was very fond of him but he was very sad. Despite how many gifts he had or how much success he gained he was a tragic figure. There is no reason why he should have died so suddenly and be so broke and have all of these terrible stories about him. that is the tragedy. He was way up front with everyone and honest with people and I admired him for that quality. I loved him both as a person and a great international star. "
David Wild the editor from "Rolling Stones Magazine" said :
"We forgot how powerful and indelible Michael and his music was. Sadly now, in the impact of his death we are all remembering the impact he had on our lives and how great he was. As a performer he took everything to the next level. Recently he has been in a sort of excile along with his face being an everchanging landscape. I don't think he ever recovered from the molestation charges against him. But we are remembering more the "Wow" of the great Michael Jackson , not the freakshow. We can now reflect on the music from the greatest singer ever heard"
David Wild also said "Rolling Stones Magazine is currently pulling together a special issue in tribute to Michael Jackson. It will take more than 1 issue to sum up what he meant to so many people. Aside from all of his great acheivements there is a place he has in all of our hearts."

Former president and CEO of SONY Music. Tommy Mottola said " He was the largest pop icon in the world. He was a cornerstone to the entireglobal music business. He always stood out from the Jackson 5 as a kid and you could see he was destined to Super Stardom. michael bridged the gap between man genre's like R & B and Pop. He created a new musical language. HE DEFINED THE VIDEO AGE. you can see his influence with so many artists all over the world. "

" MY brother Michael was unique and talented from day #1. His vocal and dancing abilities were all natural gifts and acheived without training. "Jermaine Jackson

" Michael was always focused, thinking, listening, and studying to be better. He had a command on what he did. He put Motown on the map.The first time I heard him in my studio I was so excited." Berry Gordy ( founder of Motown Records & Soul Train )

Many artists, performers and friends at The BET Awards on Sunday had wonderful things to say about Michael. The following are words from some of them....

“It’s all about the energy of a man who passed away and what the man’s done for music. He will never die…He will go on to live forever.” Ne Yo

" None of us would be here in this room tonight without Michael Jackson" Lil' Wayne ( He said this about MJ when he went up to receive "Best Male Hip Hop Performer")

" Michael Jackson inspired me to be a musician" Latoya

"When I made the decision to leave my talk show Michael Jackson called me and asked if I was OK and wanted to know how I felt about it. He was concerned. He gave us his heart. He made us happy. How could anyone listen to his music without it putting a big smile on your face ?" Arsenio Hall ( On the BET Awards Red Carpet )

"He changed my life. He made me believe that anything is possible. He was magic. Lets give him the honor he deserves. He started the change. He is the #1 star in the world. He is my greatest hero. He is the reason why Obama is president. His rise to fame paved the way for the black man. I alway respected his genius and his humanity" Sean "Diddy" Combs

" This BET Award is to you Michael Jackson. thank you for being my teacher. thank you for being my hero." Beyonce' ( While receiving her BET Award for Best Female R & B Performer)

"I'm excepting this award in honor of Michael Jackson because he inspired me with his great works to help those in need. Alicia Keys ( while receiving the BET Humanitarian Award

The list is endless....he had so many friends and did so many great things for so many people and influenced to many artists...

Michael was a very sad person in spite of all that surrounded him. He said he was uncomfortable being alone. His life was on the stage and wish he would sleep on the stage.The stage was hi home.

What sums it all up...He did have a way of touching the masses. And now he is bowing out with his final curtain call...leaving earth with the entire world mourning. watching. tributing. and honoring him....many said he was never meant to grow old..

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