Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In Memory of Michael Jackson


All of his fans left memories on the site
Here is mine that I posted
"Michael Jackson touched my life in so many ways...He was there through every transition since I was a little girl. He is with me now....I love Michael Jackson and all of the wonderful things he did for so many people and all of the lives he inspired and touched. I'm happy knowing I was part of his generation...It's true though...He will live forever....Camilla"

Today is the memorial in Los Angeles. My friend Vicki won 2 tickets to go. She won the tickets out of millions who tried. I hope she takes pictures and sends them to me and I will be talking to her later about it. In the time being it will be 9am PST on MJ's website as well. I will be watching there and taping CNN also.

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